The search for balance

People who look at life as a balance of good and evil often turn out to be ruthless. One’s act of good is expected to be greeted with a reward while anything out of the line is in itself a warning for impending punishment. Many people believe in Karma. While believing in Karma is absolutely logical and can be veritably explained using the action-reaction law by Newton as the universe’s reaction to each of our actions the impact of which vary with the degree of goodness in our motives, there is still no justification for actions which are undertaken in order to force the universe to react positively, a negative action to coerce a positive reaction; A direct plea to the universe to restore the revered balance.

When people request those in adverse situations to remain calm they have a reason. The extent of mental stability goes a long way in deciding our future actions after the tragedy. How should a devout believer of the cosmic balance react when he/she is subject to a tremendously cruel tragedy? Must they wait for the balance to be restored, be naive? A wait that shall question the very foundations of their belief, they shall have to seek reassurance through fate. The otherwise self-assured and confident mind shall have to blindfold its beliefs and rely on blatant blind faith for peace. In such a delicate situation, a spark of the inevitable negativity can churn a hurricane in the minds of the disturbed. Why should they wait when they deserve to have a balance in their lives? Why should they suffer when they have committed no wrong? The very injustice of the thought is enough to give birth to a rebel. A rebel who believes in restoring the balance of good and evil simply because they deserve it, not realising the imbalance they might inflict on several other innocent lives. The law is taken into the hands and a ruthless search for salvation through the destruction of the one responsible is undertaken. The fire of revenge once ignited is hard to put down. They say revenge is a dish best served cold. There are many ways to look at it. One way is that it is a cold-hearted attempt at taking the control out of the hands of the universe and committing several sins in the long run in order to be able to deserve the injustice rather than having the courage to accept the exception that is life. It is an approach adopted by minds blinded by suffering. The sense of profound loss often acts as a negative stimulant.

Where the mind is stable, calm, a more warm-hearted approach would be to suffer and bear with resilience and learn from the experience in order to draw strength to carry on. The search for balance will still be a priority but, however arduous the journey might be, the eventual achievement of peace is assured.

One can, in fact, envy the blind believers of fate.


2 thoughts on “The search for balance

  1. A really good piece, good flow, a lot of thought seems to have been put into it. your opening para brought to mind absolutism n fundamentalism, moral policing etc…these ppl, so called upholders of india’s tradition n morality, believe themselves to be absolutely right…and in the process commit heinous crimes like the thrashing of girls n guys celebrating a birthday party in mangalore…the second para seems to me like the story of the genesis of a super villain 🙂 like batman’s joker who believed chaos is the order of the world! and finally the last line is the perfect ending 🙂 ….*applause*

  2. I absolutely loved it. it’s a very well written piece.”One way is that it is a cold hearted … adopted by minds blinded by suffering.”i like this part.I often wonder as to what must i believe in, should i strive to maintain the balance that you have talked about.most often i always come to a conclusion than the good and the bad is just an illusion and so is life. It is actually a game and we are merely puppets,the reality is not the projection of our thoughts(it will be what it is no matter what we think) and so the people you describe as blind believers are the happiest.

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